The Zimbabwe Livelihoods and Food Security Programme (LFSP) is improving the food security and nutrition of smallholder farmers and rural communities in Zimbabwe in three provinces, namely Manicaland, Mashonaland Central and Midlands provinces. DFID is providing the funding for and strategic direction to the LFSP. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) manages the programme’s Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition (APN) component under which Practical Action, SAT and ICRISAT are partners in the Manicaland cluster under the INSPIRE (Improved Nutrition and Sustainable Production and Increased Resilience for Economic growth) consortium since December 2014. The APN component aims to improve food, nutrition and income security amongst target smallholder farm households whilst the Market Development (MD) component being led by Palladium aims to improve access to markets. SAT manages the Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) component as well as directly implementing the project in Mutare district whilst ICRISAT is responsible for technical support under the groundnuts value chain. Practical Action which is the lead partner, manages the remaining components and implements directly in Mutasa and Makoni districts.

The project aims to reach 80 000 households by September 2020. It is tackling the root causes of food insecurity and poverty in rural areas which are related to agricultural productivity, market access, as well as food security and consumption. This is being done by addressing low productivity (through enhancing farmers’ production and marketing knowledge and skills), improving nutrition (through promoting bio-fortification of crops and food, educating people on how to improve nutrition and promoting a change in consumption) and widening farmers’ access to markets (through improving farmers’ ability to buy inputs and sell their products by strengthening farmer groups, improving farmers’ access to financial services, connecting farmers to local, national and regional markets).

The #COVID19 pandemic poses a serious threat to rural livelihoods, especially for women.

Policy responses should consider women’s key roles in agri-food systems & household food security & nutrition 👉🏻

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The @FAO Office of Evaluation (OED) is looking for #EvaluationSpecialists to evaluate the “Zimbabwe Livelihoods and Food Security Programme @LFSPZim

Application Deadline 23 Jan 2021

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Last year we undertook a large scale conservation agriculture #pfumvudza pilot with close to 10,000 households.

Learn more about some of the findings from that pilot

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